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The Ace of Clubs Bidding Challenge

I  hope you enjoy this feature. It is here for your entertainment as well as, hopefully, being instructive. The winner from our panel this time is Anne Rosen, and the winner from our club members is Simon Mostyn with a maximum score of 80 and will be our guest panellist on the next challenge.

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Letís meet our regular team:- 

David Bakhshi is a professional player and teacher living in Fulham with his young family.

Having represented the British Juniors for the best part of 10 years. In partnership with Andrew Robson he has won the Gold Cup, Crockfords Cup  and the Brighton Pairs. He has now embarked on a full time partnership with Tony Forrester; arguably Britainís leading player for over 20 years.

Steve Capal has been a successful tournament player for many years. A bridge Grand Master he teaches bridge full-time. His best bridge achievement was winning the Premier Life Masters Pairs.

Peter Crouch used to partner Neil in some of Britain's more serious events, representing England in 2005. He now plays seriously with Glyn Liggins most notably winning the Schapiro Spring Foursomes (probably Britainís top event) in 2006 and 2007 on a team with Neil and his partner Martin Jones.

Jeremy Dhondy has reached that age at which he has become eligible for the seniors were it not for the fact that the age limit keeps being raised! A prolific tournament winner in the UK - in June 2007 he had the magnificent achievement of winning a Gold medal in the European Mixed Teams Championship partnering his wife Heather. He works in a school in North London teaching Geography and Information Technology but not bridge.

Jill Feldman 's bridge life started in September 1995 when she and Terry (her husband) took a beginners bridge course with Neil at the old Ace of Clubs. Her carefree girly days and more mundane accountancy work drifted into more and more time being spent at the card table, and in July 2003 she became manager of the Ace of Clubs.

Neill Harcus is a computer consultant and an integral part of the team running our Ace Holiday weekends. His most recent success was winning the Teltscher Cup.

Gail Hoffman has been a member of the MCBA for a number of years representing the county on numerous occasions. She is presently very active in the role of Tournament Manager. 2003 was a successful vintage since she won the EBU Regional Masters Ranked Pairs. She is also a doting wife to husband Jonathan and a loving mother to 3 strapping boys.

Uriah Jacobson Married, 3 children. Played Bridge since University days, starting 1947. 18 + hour days, first in the NHS and later in private practice burnt-out his first love - chess. "Never been fortunate enough, or good enough to have had top-class partners. Now too many senior moments!" [His words - Ed]

Peter Kaufmann is no longer on the panel having recently taken up residence in Wales. Peter has won several bridge tournaments  both major and minor. He held the position of Chairman of the Middlesex County Bridge Association for a few years until March 2007.

Anne Rosen Over the years Anne has won a number of national events mostly in partnership with Neil. 2008 has been a particularly successful year representing England three times, culminating in winning a Gold Medal in Beijing in the Minds Sports Olympiad. When Anne is not playing bridge she spends her time either working at the FSA or at home with the family.

Catherine Seale Learnt at 10 and later played competitively in Southern Africa for 5 years culminating in playing for Zimbabwe. Catherine has achieved a  number of tournament successes playing with a variety of partners.